Activism, Vulnerable Bodies, Art, and Technology

February 8, 2019home

On February 9th, 2019, we have invited two incredible and inspiring activists and researchers from Brazil and Sweden for a panel discussion and workshop about activism, vulnerable bodies, art and technology featuring the Afro-Brazilian activist, researcher and social organizer Silvana Bahia, creator of PretaLab in Rio de Janeiro, and Rebecca Vinthagen, director of SETTINGS, and the project All Set for Action, held at Konsthall C.

We have organized a talk, panel discussion and workshop about political mobilization, vulnerable bodies, tactical media, and participation using mobile technologies in times of fragile democracies. How do we put thoughts into action? and technology This is a collaboration between IDA (Institute for the Decolonization of Art) together with Konstfrämjandet Stockholm in collaboration with Konsthall C in Stockholm.

Communication, Narratives and Inventiveness by Afro-Brazilian women in Brazil – By Silvana Bahia/PretaLab
The last decade in Brazil has been marked by the creation of public policies that have allowed increased access to higher education for the Afro-Brazilian population in Brazil together with an array of technological innovations, especially in the field of communications. The rise of new voices and narratives have broken new ground for the representation of minorities, especially for Afro-Brazilian women, in a country marked by structural racism as a consequence of its colonial history and contemporary conservatism. The lecture will focus on alternative media and community-based initiatives, especially in regards to Afro-Brazilian women developing technology. For more information about PretaLab, see

All Set For Action – An initiative for art activism that takes its starting point from which role art can play in social movements. SETTINGS is a platform for norm-creative knowledge exchange, development and inspiration that strives to highlight and create tools for change. Through the All Set For Action project, the opportunity is created for activists and artists to meet and, through art activism, create an important free zone for collective concrete action, in a politically turbulent time. Rebecca Vinthagen will talk about her work with creating an app to form a norm-creative space in the public realm through everyday Micro Actions.

Silvana Bahia (BRA) is Programme Director at Olabi ( , a social organization based in Rio de Janeiro that aims at democratizing technologies and increasing gender and racial diversity in the tech industry for a fairer and more diverse world. At Olabi, Ms. Bahia provides low-income Afro-Brazilian makers with access to technology and promotes workshops to teach young low-income Afro-Brazilian women to build technologies and to code. In addition, she heads PretaLab (BlackWomanLab) ( , a collective initiative that mobilizes Afro-Brazilian and indigenous women to engage with and develop technology against social inequalities and against racism. Ms. Bahia has also coordinated the production of the experimental short film Kbela (2015) (, awarded “Best short on African Diaspora” by the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in 2017, awarded as best African diaspora film at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam, in the session “Black Rebels” that focuses on African diaspora filmmakers that discuss racism as a theme in their works . She is also part of Afroflix, a collaborative streaming platform for films by black filmmakers. Academically, Ms. Bahia is a guest professor and researcher on Narratives, Technologies and Diasporic Knowledge at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She is currently a visiting scholar at Lauttasaari Manor with ARMA (Anti-Racist Media Activist Alliance), a research project supported by the Kone Foundation in Finland.

Rebecca Vinthagen (SWE) is a gender theorist with long experience as a workshop and process leader. She lectures about issues regarding norm criticism, organizational development, leadership and norm-critical design. Rebecca has also worked as a project and activity leader in the field of culture, among other things with the project Genusnyfiken Gestaltning at Teater Lacrimosa, a project that led to the inspiration book she co-authored “Större än så här – Tankar kring genusnyfiken gestaltning”. She is also editor of SETTINGS books Normkreativ, Utvägar and Feminist från insidan. Rebecca works as a guest lecturer at the Master’s program in Visual Communication at Konstfack. Rebecca is also a trained in Non-Violent Communication and is a supervisor within UGL (Leadership Program for Development, Group and Leadership).