IDA deltar i International AHRA Architecture & Feminisms-konferensen 17-19 november 2016 med den ritualbaserade workshopen NUESTRAS MADRES.

NUESTRAS MADRES (Our Mothers) is a workshop and ritual led by the art collective IDA. It is a space where we share our mothers’ stories and experiences. How has the knowledge from our mothers help us survive in society?

The discussions en la mesa (over the kitchen table) are a daily political act in many Latin American families. Even though the role of the mother and hir knowledge are usually connected to the home, they also take part in the construction of political subjects.

Inspired by these discussions, IDA will create a ritual where those stories that are rarely acknowledged in the public sphere become part of a larger narrative transmitted through reading, writing and reflection. Storytelling becomes a cathartic element where we share our mothers’ and our mothers’ mothers’ stories and experiences. As a method, the ritual creates a temporary collectivity.

Through NUESTRAS MADRES, IDA investigates issues in private and public space connected to gender norms and knowledge transfer.

NUESTRAS MADRES understands that a person has had or may have one or several mothers. A mother in this context does not need to be biological.

If you wish to participate, send us an email to
Limited availability.

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